Gold products

Protect yourself

We’re delighted to introduce our latest range of protective products and services to help cover any unexpected occurrences and issues you may encounter along the road.

Our protective ‘Gold products’ feature:

Breakdown recovery

  • With membership, you can get a cost effective and high quality Breakdown Recovery package.

Tyre replacement insurance

  • Unexpected events such as a flat tyre can be a big inconvenience - they can happen at any time. Aside from the fact they can be dangerous, repairs or replacements can be costly.

Mechanical breakdown insurance

  • Even the most reliable of vehicles can let you down sometimes, and can cost a fortune to repair. When your car refuses to start or breaks down, mechanical breakdown insurance can help towards paying the repair bill instead; we’ve got it covered for you!

MOT failure insurance

  • What if your vehicle fails an MOT? Sometimes this happens when you least expect it, and having the necessary work done can cost a small fortune. Who needs the stress, or the expense?

Misfuel insurance

  • Filling your vehicle with the wrong type of fuel can cause damage to your vehicle and disrupt your day. Misfuelling is an easy mistake to make, especially if you’re in a rush, have just changed your car or are driving your partner's car. The consequences for your engine and your pocket can be serious.

Key insurance

  • What if you cannot, for the life of you, find your car keys? It really does happen to us all, sooner or later. But there is a way to make sure that when it does, you’ve got it covered.

We want to ensure you are looked after if the worst happens and give you peace of mind that should something go wrong you are fully protected.

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